Top 8 Trends in Event Decoration for 2024

As we move ahead in 2024, we can experience a new changing trend in event decoration. These changes are caused by new technologies, tastes among attendees and being environmentally friendly. To make good decisions in this ever-changing field, it’s important to learn about the top event trends that will shape the business in 2024.
Let’s take a look at the top 10 trends in event decoration for 2024:

  1. Cultural Dishes & Menus
    In this year the food and beverages are turning more cross-cultural in all kinds of events. In today’s time people are not sticking to one particular culinary genre, instead the menu is being more diverse. 2024 events are including ingredients, flavours and styles from Southern-Indian fusion, Japanese with an Italian twist, Korean-Mexican mash-ups and many more.

    2. The Art of Food Plating:
    In 2024, presentation is much more important than food. Attendees, expect the food plating should be in a unique style than simply serving. As its all about their eating experience.
    Basically, the art of food plating is from the way the ingredients are arranged to presenting the photogenic dishes.

    3. Elevated Menus:
    QR code menus are most trending in the hotel and restaurant sector, however, the current trend in event planning necessitates going beyond the norms. Up-scale cuisines are popular for 2024 events. There are chances when the event catering will be dominate by personalized menus for participants for the handpicked options.

    4. AI Technology:
    Nowadays Artificial Intelligence is streamlining the daily tasks of managers and event managers by improving the organization efficiency and by upgrading the experience of the attendees.
    In this year we will come across professionals of different fields who would be using AI in multiple ways. Ai based chatbots are offering multitasking services which offer 24/7 customer support.

    5. Different Rooms with Different Themes:
    2024 is evolving with a new trend, where different themes are there with different rooms. Whether the events are small or big, if there are multiple rooms then each room with be decorated with different theme ideas. As in 2024 we hope to see rise in “choose your own event style” theme.

    6. Diversity & Equity:
    In 2024, events that go well will need to have diversity, equality, and inclusion (DE&I) programs. In 2024, event managers and designers will put more money into DE&I because events that accept and respond to different views, ideas, and groups are becoming more popular. By putting DE&I first this year and beyond, people who work in the event business can make sure that people from all walks of life feel accepted, cared for, and involved.

    7. Assessable to all:
    Nowadays accessibility is more than just a trend. We’re glad that more and more event managers, and planners have put accessibility first over the last year, and we expect this trend to continue in 2024.

    8. Immersive experiences and technologies:
    New technologies, such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), can change the way visitors, speakers, vendors, and guests experience events. People who go can use AR technology to go on 3D walks, see dynamic plans and maps, go on treasure hunts, and more. With VR technology, a whole new virtual world opens up, where guests can interact with booths, lectures, and each other.

    Immersive technologies that are new, fun, and exciting are likely to change events in 2024 and beyond.

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